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5 experts offering you free advice!

Make sure you have a spot with your expert and sign up for a meeting on the 26th of September from 14.30pm till 15.15pm during the Impact Startup Fest 2017

NLimpact is proud program partner of the Impact Startup Fest 2017 that will be organized on the 25th and 26th of September in The Hague. As part of Startup Fest Europe, this festival brings together an international network of startups, scale-ups, founders, investors, business leaders, developers and scientists around doing business and doing good.

On September 26 NLimpact will be hosting the ‘Meet the Experts’ sessions with the following inspiring experts:

  1. Andre Vegter (leadership, change management, strategy development) (Berenschot)
  2. Jeroen van Bree (organizational design, governance) (Berenschot)
  3. Esmee Hoogenkamp (corporate law, private-equity) (Barentskrans)
  4. Bert van Son (serial entrepreneur) (CEO MudJeans)
  5. Litha Dotulong (Branding & Positioning) (LD Marketing & Communication)
  6. Saja Chander (funding, coaching) (NLimpact)

Per expert only 3 entrepreneurs will get a 1:1 sessions of 15 minutes. Just enough time to answer your pressing question.

If you want to be one of them, all you need to do is apply via the button below and fill in your name & email address. Most of all, tell us your question, because our selection procedure is based on the creativity of your question. On the 23th we will inform you by mail if you’re selected.

So make sure your question is creative and spot-on!

More about NLimpact

NLimpact is a young and ambitious investment fund. Our goal is to support growing companies with IMPACT activities who are in the interesting funding phase between seed and growth capital. We provide intensive coaching, guidance and financing for these companies in order to help them realize their dreams and ambitions and generating a worldwide IMPACT.

Interested: contact us and let’s have a discussion.

More about Impact Startup Fest 2017

The festival will focus entirely on impact start-ups and scale-ups that are working on innovations that make the world a better place. Innovations that tackle social and global challenges take center stage.

National and international matchmaking is at the core of the event. The festival provides a creative environment in which to build bonds and bridges, establish new connections, and create new opportunities to accelerate your business.

Sign up for the meet the expert meeting. Be creative and spot-on.